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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Letter #3 - Request for face-to-face discussion with Mole Valley planners

Following a telephone call with the planners at Mole Valley Council, prompted I believe by the creation of my web site, I have offered to meet the planning team face to face to discuss ways forward. Attached is a copy of my letter. 

Corporate Head of Planning
Andrew Bircher 
Mole Valley District Council
Pippbrook, Dorking, RH4 1SJ
November 5th 2011
Dear Mr Bircher,
Further to our telephone call prompted by the creation of my web site.

Thank you for confirming that you would like to regularize the situation regarding the Gatwick Aviation Museum. I would very much like to take you up on your suggestion of face to face discussions on options moving forward, before any further planning application is made. I am happy to meet at your offices if you would write to me with possible dates. (email address above)

Having had the telephone call with you, I am still of the opinion that the museum is of great importance locally and nationally. I also want to put the owner's and team's mind at rest that a way forward can be found, especially taking into account my fears about the stress and uncertainty I mentioned in other letters.

I feel that a meeting face to face could help to develop some ideas, although I must stress that I am not representing the owner or team formally, and they may be making their own plans.

You mentioned in email that to hold a meeting I would have to pay Mole Valley Council fees, perhaps as much as £600, as set out here:
As a member of the general public, with no formal link to the museum other than my strong support, I obviously cannot pay such a fee, and ask that you waive it in this instance, given the contribution to national heritage that the owner has made over the years, and the efforts they are going to to abide by conditions that could lead to a happy outcome. I must stress again the huge financial input, time and effort by the team, to build up this local and national asset, over perhaps more than two decades. We need to be supporting them.  

Howard Smith

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