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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"For" and "Against" at Mole Valley District Council

I have been provided this information officially by Mole Valley Council. It relates to the recent round of voting in 2011 on planning proposals, prior to the appeal now lodged by the museum in 2012.

Against the Gatwick Aviation Museum: (12)

Councillor Margaret Cooksey
Councillor Stephen Cooksey
Councillor Phil Harris
Councillor Bob Hedgeland
Councillor Valerie Homewood
Councillor Chris Hunt
Councillor Bridget Lewis-Carr
Councillor Simon Ling
Councillor Tim Loretto
Councillor Corinna Osborne-Patterson
Councillor Caroline Salmon
Councillor Chris Townsend

For the Gatwick Aviation Museum: (7)

Councillor Emile Aboud
Councillor Derrick Burt
Councillor Carolyn Corden
Councillor Rosemary Dickson
Councillor Tessa Hurworth
Councillor David Mir
Councillor Chris Reynolds

1 comment:

  1. This list is incorrect. I know of several other objections to the museuam. This is apart from the fact that the museum has been told to close twice under enforcement orders. If this had been executed on the first enforcemnet notice then the museum would be newly sited at a more suitable place. This final decision may be painful for the museum and does seem a great waste of time and money/