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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Letter to Mr James May (TopGear and Man Lab)

A friend of mine suggested I reach out to James May for any help that could be provided. I wrote a letter via BBC, and also trying to use Twitter to reach him.

Mr James May
Presenter and Enthusiast for the right stuff 
October 12th 2011

Dear Mr May (James),

I am writing to you on what could be an important and urgent matter. An Elderly gentleman called Mr Peter Vallance, based in the Gatwick Area, has, over more than two decades, built up an important collection of historic aircraft, parts, engines and photographs and models. It is called the Gatwick Aviation Museum, and it is an incredible achievement and 110% worth visiting. It is like entering a candy store as a child! I believe some artifacts are of national importance. The museum is virtually unknown, other to officials at Mole Valley Council, who appear to block every move and may want it closed. There is rumor of legal action against the museum. Why am I writing?

1. Simply to let you know, since this place needs to be visited and visible.
2. The council's bureaucratic and petty activities over a decade or more, are close to the point where I fear they will take action.
3. This is impacting Mr Vallance health.

I have written to the council about this. No reply. No acknowledgment. (somewhat expected). I have therefore written to the Secretary of State for Culture (COPY ATTACHED) My letter to UK Gov tells the story in full so I won't repeat it here.

My questions are: Are you interested in this? Would you like to visit? Is there anything we can do to raise visibility?

To get a small taste of the museum, I have put URLs at the bottom of this letter [and now on this site right of page], including photographs I took when I first came across it, simply by chance one day I believe this museum is of great interest to you. Not only because of the aircraft, but also the engine collection. The site is under threat. Some common sense needs to come back into the council. They need to be supporting Mr Vallance, not blocking him at every turn.

Hoping to hear from you if you decide in any way to assist, however small,


Howard Smith

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